eSoftHead is a Vietnamese Software Outsourcing Service company which offers competitive rate and high quality service. Contact us if you need to build a custom software and optimize your cost.

About us

eSoftHead is a privately owned offshore software outsourcing company from Vietnam offering software development services to clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan since 2009 …


Deploying the latest technologies, we deliver solutions that offer high levels of consistency in quality and performance. We offers open source solutions like PHP/Java/Linux/MySQL also mobile and enterprise solutions…


As a software development service provider, eSoftHead strives to provide our customers quality application development services and web development services that help them to remain in step with their competitors…

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Using Maven to manage software versions delivered to customer

We use Maven as the build tool to manage the build and integration process of MyCollab product. MyCollab is the very big and complicated product which has 37 sub projects until now. In the past, every time the QA team verify the build is ready for production, it takes me much time to do boring […]

Should you develop your application by using X programming language

As outsourcing and software consultant company, I usually received questions like “I want to develop X project, what programming language should I use?”. The criteria of selecting some programming language should come from the existing software of our customer. For instance, if they use PHP for one of their product, they tend to use PHP for […]